1,2,3 – Word Clouds, Hemingway and an Inspector for my classroom (and writing)

Digital tools may are quite nice when it comes to analysing texts or data. I have already mentioned the Hemingway app in one of me prior postings. It analyses the text structure and gives advice regarding a text’s readability. It “makes your writing bold and clear”, as the slogan indicates.

Quelle: Pixabay

Some days ago, a colleague introduced a second interesting app to me: text inspector. This app helps learners and teachers “check the difficulty of any text”. It compares the vocabulary used in a text to the English Vocabulary Profile (EVP), hence the CEFR levels of words. Therefore, it helps students to identify their level of proficiency when writing. Teachers can use this app to categorize texts they have found browsing the internet. When they paste a text, they see whether it is appropriate for level A1 or A2, just to give an example.

A third “tool” I would like to share is my beloved world cloud. I use word clouds in so many ways in my teaching and my everyday life as an everyday learner. Use the blogpost 170 ways to use word clouds in every classroom as a starting point. I will give a more detailed insight into my personal use in a forthcoming blogpost. I promise.