Learning English – outside school

There are so many really great resources when it comes to improving or learning English. As a language learner you have to stay active. Always. Otherwise your language skills will disappear. I’m sure you are nodding right now. And it’s true. We have to work hard to speak fluently and write coherently. There are two resources I want to highlight in this post.

Quelle: Pixabay

As you might know, I am currently writing my habilitation thesis. It is about YouTube stars and their contribution to the language learning process. And sometimes I come across a good video I want to share with the community. As for example the video British extra R-sounds and why we don’t hear them dealing with, what is called liaison in French and trying to explain phonetic strategies to avoid a hiatus.

Source: YouTube

A second resource was posted by Jöran Muuß-Merholz (@JoeranDE) a great German social networker and critically thinking mind who reported in a blog post about his accidental learning and the students’ accidental learning who listen to a song while watching its lyrics and vice versa. The congruent input (audio and visual) make people understand better (more), hence learn more easily. That’s exactly what we have always tried to integrate into our language teaching using song texts, making word clouds or cloze texts, or crosswords or whatever… Thanks to YouTube and Co I can benefit from the combination of music and texts at home (informally learning) as well.