How to train pronunciation: Vocaroo

On the Austrian MOOC platform iMooX a course started in May dealing with Italian pronunciation and problems that are specific to German speaking language learners. The MOOC is called “Ja, das klingt doch schon italienischer!” and the participants are asked to record their own voice in order to practice speaking and pronunciation.

Quelle: Pixabay

As it is difficult to predict the audience within a MOOC we tried to offer or recommend a voice recording tool that is easy to use and does not require any kind of registration. So we decided to use Vocaroo as the tool is more than simple (click on the “record” button and here you go) and the recording is easily shared (thanks to different options, like a link for example). Here’s a video by Richard Byrne explaining the tool:  

Source: YouTube

Language learners of all languages can use it to send each other or the teacher short recordings, thus, train their speaking and pronunciation. Teacher can use the tool to give audio feedback to their students. Sometimes it seems useful to record a spoken feedback instead of providing a long written feedback.

Here you find some further information: