Useful websites to improve your English

There are so many websites that help learners to improve their writing, speaking or listening competencies. In the last few days I got to know some of them and here’s a short review.

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  • Quill is a website that offers “tools to make your student better writers” as the website lets us know. There are short exercises to improve grammar and writing skills and it’s really fun doing them. Richard Byrne wrote a post about Quill and its use.
  • Blog de Cristina offers a collection of Six Amazing Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger. All of them seem to regard vocabulary, collocations and the right use of the right word in the right situation (would be fantastic to have a synonym for right here 😉 BTW I really appreciate Blog the Cristina as the website offers a lot of interesting methods, tools and teaching ideas.
  • If you like to play with texts, try Transl8it – and your text will be translated into the new and modern SMS or WhatsApp language. Kind of decrypting modern texts 😉
  • English Grammar Pass is an interesting website offering grammar and vocabulary exercises and a section called Common Errors.
Quelle: Pixabay


Quelle: Pixabay



A great tool

  • Last but not least, a great tool: Flashcard Maker. It helps teachers to design printable Flashcards. Find here a description in German language provided by EduGroup.