Two great resources for learning and teaching English

Just a short blogpost to welcome the new year and introducing two of my favourite repositories for teaching and learning English.

TEDed Lessons Worth Sharing

This website offers videos on different topics (short ones as well as longer ones) that can be used as resources for language learning and teaching as well as personal development (thinking of lifelong learning opportunities). As an example I would like to show you the Comma story by Terisa Folaron, a 5-minute-video that helps language learners to remember grammar rules on when to use a comma. The video is short and uses storytelling techniques. By the way, it is a really good example on how to create grammar videos…

Source: Pixabay

British Council

The second website is the British Council’s Learn English Teens. It offers (grammar) videos, explanations, worksheets and exercises that can be used in formal and informal (language) learning contexts. That is to say, it can be used by teachers and learners equally. As an example I would recommend There is/ There are and It. There are various resources, not only regarding grammar but also dealing with currently important topics.